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PostHeaderIcon 10 Days Before Halloween

We live near Salem, Massachusetts, so the lead-up to Halloween is pretty intense. We start decorating the weekend before October 1, and start working on costumes before that. Halloween is a pretty big deal around here. (Pro tip – if you want to visit Salem in October, take the train from Boston. Try to avoid driving and parking if at all possible.)

Today’s lunches have a few common themes, but the girls wanted very different lunches today. That’s always fun. Thankfully, they’ve agreed to me packing their lunches the day before (other than the hot things), which really helps me in the morning. I’m so not a morning person, and having extra work in the morning wasn’t going to happen.

G1′s lunchG1 10 b4 Halloween is tomato soup in a Thermos, with more packed in her Studio Ghibli Totoro Bento Box. On the left is a cookie made from our favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe (with skull and bone sprinkles) and a clementine that was made to look like a jack-o-lantern with a black food marker and a leaf food pick. On the right is tofu cut into the shape of a pumpkin thanks to a jack-o-lantern cookie cutter. I used a scissors to cut the nose and mouth out of nori, but cheated with the eyes and used the Monsters Inc. Gummy Eyeballs. Overall it’s a pretty fun-looking lunch. Maybe I can go a little creepier for tomorrow…

G3 10 b4 halloween

G3 also wanted soup, but in her Thermos you’ll find homemade chicken soup. The rest of her lunch is packed in an Easy Lunchbox. She also has a jack-o-lantern clementine and a skull & bones chocolate chip cookie.When she saw her sisters’ lunches she wanted eyes, too, so she has a gummy eyeball and 2 “people parts” made from chocolate and silicone molds from Target’s 1-stop. She also has a skull bracelet I found at a local Walgreens, and homemade fruit roll-ups impaled on graveyard food picks.

G2 10 b4 HalloweenG2 hasn’t wanted soup like her sisters, but keeps wanting sandwiches. It’s always great when 3 kids want 3 different lunches! Anyhow, in G2′s Laptop Lunchbox she has a skull & bones chocolate chip cookie, homemade fruit roll-ups impaled on graveyard food picks, and a clementine jack-o-lantern. G2 also has a provolone cheese sandwich which has been cut in the shape of a pumpkin and decorated with a thin slice of cheddar cheese, 2 Monsters Inc. Gummy Eyeballs, and nori cut in the shape of a nose and mouth.

The girls all have some chips and water along with these lunches. I can’t believe I forgot to put in the Halloween lunch box jokes I had printed on card stock and cut out. Ugh! Tomorrow.

Happy 10 days before Halloween!

This post is linked on Meatless Mondays on Bentos for Kidlet.


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