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Totoro parts(This post was written on Thursday, but unfortunately my site has been up and down, so it’s only now being posted. My host is trying its best with a complicated server/router problem)

I love reading other Bento blogs. I love seeing what other moms (and dads) have done with their kids’ lunches, and I especially love reading tutorials. Much of the time I’m disappointed because something is a gluten-based treat and gluten doughs work differently than gluten-free doughs. My recent success with black & white buns was an exception to that rule. Well, this time I saw another tutorial posted by BentoMonsters, and it was a rice tutorial, so I figured I could actually get it made.

Totoro and SpriteAs mentioned before in this blog, G1 is a huge Studio Ghibli fan, especially a Totoro fan. Most of her lunches are packed in her Totoro Bento Box. This time I followed the tutorial closely (though I used black food coloring as we didn’t have black sesame paste), and G1 was beyond thrilled. Her whole table loved it and was taking pictures! I highly recommend this tutorial.


Totoro lunchG1’s Totoro was, of course, packed in her Totoro Bento Box. She had pasta with marinara and a sausage in her Thermos, and the rest in her Totoro Bento Box. In the bottom section was her Totoro with the Soot Sprite. In her upper section she had a couple of oatmeal cookies in a silicone heart cup as well as two mini silicone cups with green grapes.


G3’s lunch is almost all black & white. In her Easy LunchboxWhite tiger lunch she has a white tiger Chebe roll in the large section. In the smallest section she has a white tiger cupcake, and in the bottom right section she has a white tiger rice ball. In her Snoopy bento box she has an orange sliced into “smiles” with a couple of lion food picks. Finally, in her Thermos she has some hot chicken and rice soup.


PenguinsG2’s lunch is all about the penguins again. I found this cute snowman/snowflake scrapbook paper, and I’m using that as a backdrop for this lunch. Leaning against her Easy Lunchbox is a penguin Chebe roll, which she loves. In her Easy Lunchbox’s biggest section are two marching penguins made out of food coloring and a slice of mozzarella cheese. Above the marching penguins are mini silicone cups with homemade MOMables-inspired gf crackers and Havarti with dill with a couple of snowflake food picks. In the small section at the top right are some green grapes with a snowflake. Finally, in the section at the bottom right is a cupcake with Princess Celestia’s cutie mark, a sun.

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