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It snowed yesterday! Unfortunately, in the minds of my children, it didn’t snow enough for us to get a snow day. It didn’t actually even snow enough to stick on the ground, and melted immediately. However, amid my joy that my headache MRI was normal (yay!!!), I wasn’t thrilled with the snow, and packed food for the girls that was more appropriate for spring.

Springy snacksG1 and G3 both have half days today. G1 doesn’t get snack in high school, so she doesn’t have anything packed. G3, though, wanted a “big snack” because of her half day (she usually eats lunch around 11, and they don’t get out until 12). I’m sure my dad will take her somewhere fun for lunch, but ideally she won’t be grouchy when he picks her up.

Clockwise from the top, in 3 Laptop Lunch Bento Buddies containers G3 has, Trader Joe’s scoop chips and a clementine with a leaf and a bee. Next she has a vegetarian Christmas rice krispie treat with a frog and a bunny food pick. Finally she has some Green Mountain Gringo salsa, one of our favorite salsas ever.

Green Mountain Gringo Salsa was one of the first to proclaim that it’s gluten-free in the labeling, and that won my loyalty right off the bat. This was back before foods were required by US law to label for allergens, and I was calling companies daily. A parents of kids with allergies and/or Celiac, we’re so much better off now than we were 10 years ago!

Springy lunch

G2 is the only one of the girls to not have a half day, as she’s in the local Charter school. Because it’s Wednesday, a play rehearsal day, she’ll actually be in school until 5. Their rehearsals are absurdly long. 2 1/2 hours twice a week for months seems excessive to put on The Little Mermaid. She isn’t planning to be in the second play.

G2’s lunch is fun, at least. In her Thermos she has leftover spaghetti and marinara sauce. She’s a vegetarian, so instead of the sausage I usually put in G1’s spaghetti, I cut a half dozen bunnies out of sliced mozzarella using this bunny cutter to put on top of her sketti. In her Snoopy bento box she has some baby carrots with hummus and a flower and a ladybug food pick. She also has a Bento Buddy with a  bunny and a frog food pick, another bunny and a mushroom food pick, all in a Christmas rice krispie treat.

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